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Church Retreats

A spiritual retreat is an integral part of the Christian community. A retreat is an ideal way to fellowship with friends as well as get closer to God .It is said it can help one to rediscover his/her faith. Our facilities are ideal for hosting youth retreats, couple/marriage retreats and other retreats for your church. Located in a quiet suburb, our facilities are perfect for discussions that you might need to have . .

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Kids Birthdays

Lets face it, birthdays are a big deal to the little ones. Why not make this year's birthday be a memorable one. we got some really cool ideas on how to make the little one's birthday celebrations one that lives long in their memory. Our administrators will organise themed parties for your kid and his/her set of friends while our chef will prepare special kiddy meals for the special day. Fun games and events will be prepared to ensure the little one has enough stories to tell ad gloat about till the next one comes around.

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Family Reunions

Work,school and various other commitments mean families dont meet up as often as they should. The distance created by physical and abstract boundaries means many a family crumbles. How often do we make excuses ? Family gathering postponements will grow from a day or two to a week, the week will swell to month then a year and before you know it you have become strangers who happen to share a last name.

Talk to one of our consultants and find out how The Stone Cradle can help you gather your family for a day or two. Bond with family over good food, good music and various games organised by the lodge .Games that are tailored to help in teambuilding, bonding and you are guaranteed to spew a few giggles in the process.

About Us

Stone Cradle Lodge is a lodge located in the tranquil suburb of Sunninghill, Bulawayo. The place is ideal for corporate gatherings, church retreats, family outings, couple retreats, weddings and any other events that require a serene and elegant setting.


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